Ignoring The Nations’ Economic Concerns, Harper Once Again Neglectfully Focuses On The Opposition

Meet the Dave Mackenzie “team”…


The Conservative Party of Canada which forms our national government(in case some folks don’t know)has once again decided that focusing their aggregate talents and energies on the new Liberal leader, Michael Ignatieff is much more worthy of a battle than say operating the nations’ levers, or examing ways in which to serve the people who elected them in an honest and effective manner.

Stephen Harpers’ coalition government(Alliance/Reform/PC’s),in a daft move, launched a series of blistering attack ads designed to reduce the burgeoning confidence of Canadians in the newly elected Liberal Leader who has surged in national opinion polls in the past few months.

The ads have pointedly come across as showing the liberal leader as being a person who is out of touch with Canadians needs and concerns as a result of his years abroad as an international educator and lecturer. They attempt to paint the liberal leader as an elitist(which he very well may be, but then again so is the current Prime Minister who has long advocated that building a firewall around the province of Alberta was in the best interests of Alberta, which would suggest an Alberta “elitist” society, that thinks it is better than all of Canada.)but in the past we have been governed by many “elitists”, so what does one more matter in the history of this nation?

It matters a lot. One thing I feel is that Canadians would rather be governed by someone who has some intellectual weight. Canadians hated Trudeau, but continued to re-elect the man in a resounding manner. So much for the hatred of and for those elitists.

What does seem increasingly apparent to myself and to millions of other Canadians who come from many political backgrounds, is that currently, we appear to be governed by a party of neandrathals who have little or no intent on doing the right thing for the people of Canada, and it’s a party that seems to forget that it was elected to govern and seems extraordinarily limited to only showing the world the nasty side of Canada and its’ lousy political system.

The Prime Minister and his party need to take some lessons on decency from a few of historys’ great leaders. Telling the truth is a fantasic experience. Perhaps no one wants to be the bearer of bad news, but the fact is, people yearn for leadership, and that leadership must be honest and forthright in its’ dealings with the people of Canada.

Perhaps this nation wouldn’t be in as much of a mess of your “team” had only paid some attention to where the world economy was going instead of lyingly reassuring Canadians that everything was allright and stable, when in fact things had seriously deteriorated beyond repair.

If this is leadership, then I’ll be damned.


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