Wow, A Really Nasty Story About Wind energy


A scary National Post story about corruption and Italian Wind farms(who ever thought you’d see those two ideas in one sentence?) has certainly gotten me thinking about the effects of wind farms, how they appear not be very environmental or cost effective, and how they seem to be very expensive to operate in comparison to conventional methods of producing electricity. So why do we use them?
According to the National Post story, “Wind power and the mob: ‘We’re gonna make you a windmill you can’t refuse” there seems to be a large connection to the mob(in Italy) and to the countless subsidized programs involving wind energy farms.
It would be interesting to examine what the pros and cons of wind power really are in an honest manner.(I doubt that is possible as every detail pertaining to the matter is likely buried under a pile of governmental feces.)
I wonder how many of these projects are subsidized by Canadian governments provincially and federally, and of those projects I wonder how many actually produce enough electricity to pay their own costs? Without a decent examination there is no way to really measure these things to see if they are a benefit to us or not. All I know is that the NP story seems to add some complexities into the wind power story that is developing around the world.


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