City Residents forced To Absorb Costs Of Methane Monitoring


Hunt Homes must love Woodstock.
Woodstock is a small town, 34,000 people or so with a large portion of unemployed people. Many of our factories have closed, and none are moving in.
Our city fathers(the mayor and council) like to slough off costs on the local ratepayers for developers. A new development on Mill street on the site of a former landfill site(pity the poor buggers that buy one of those places)is also about to become a permanent expense for the city of Woodstock, as the City of Woodstock will be held legally and financially responsible for the upkeep of a methane pumping station and aerator as well as the permanet monitoring of the homes that are built on the site. The developer gets to pay a tiny fee for this “goodwill” gesture, we the taxpayers get to cover all of the permanent costs of the project.
This past week city council (mayor included) voted to go against the will of the community and to allow the developer to develope the area(including cutting down the forest on Mill Street)despite overwhelming community support against the developer.
Chalk one more item up for this council that proves they must hate the people that elected them. Another disgusting act of tyranny against the people that live here. They are a tree killing, park killing, accountability killing council from hell.
18 months to go, and this council and mayor will be toast.(I just wonder if the city will survive the mess they’ve put us into)

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