Airport Security Staff To Get "XRAY" Vision Tool

Stephen Harpers’ CONservative party would love to look up your skirt, and in fact, in your pants as well.
The Canadian Air Transport group at the behest of the OCNservative government is looking into the purchase of seven(7) units that effectively “see through your clothes” in order to beef up airport security.
Michael Vonn the head of the BC Civil Liberties Union says that the scanners can “see right through your clothes and the operator can stare at your genitalia quite effectively”.
The representative for the minister reponsible for transportation says he has no concerns and that they are only waiting on “the green light” from the Privacy Commisioner. The Commisioner says that is all bullshit; they don’t give the green light on anything, they only make recomendations on how a service can be made to fit within privacy guidelines.
So, I guess the thing to worry about is who is going to be running the equipment, will they be saving images of our nude bodies(for the minister I presume)for future use and should I wear clean underpants before going through the scanner?(my mom would say yes to that one!) Shit, George Orwell had nothing on these guys!

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  1. Chris
    Posted May 8, 2009 at 3:40 am | Permalink

    well then…y the hell can’t i run around naked in an airport then…damnit 🙂

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