A List Of Programs Available For Ontario Businesses

Government Programs for Business

  • Achieving Innovation & Manufacturing Excellence – Yves Landry Foundation New program added
    Description: A cost shared program to fund training that will lead to advancements in innovation within the manufacturing sector in Ontario.
    Terms/Assistance/Benefits: Grant up to $50,000 per company, covering 100% of eligible direct training costs and 50% of eligible indirect training costs.
  • Advanced Manufacturing Investment Strategy Program – Ministry of Economic Development
    Description: Interest free loan to transform manufacturing processes and adopt leading edge technologies.
    Terms/Assistance/Benefits: $10 million interest free loan up to five years.
  • Apprenticeship Job Creation Tax Credit – Canada Revenue Agency
    Description: A 10 percent Federal tax credit to cover salaries and wages paid to training new apprentices in the first two years of the contract.
    Terms/Assistance/Benefits: $2,000 tax credit per year.
  • Apprenticeship Training Tax Credit
    Description: A 25 percent provincial refundable tax credit on salaries and wages paid to new apprentices in certain skilled trades to help offset employers’ costs. Small businesses receive a 30 percent tax credit.
    Terms/Assistance/Benefits: Employers can claim up to $5,000 each year to a total of $15,000 per eligible apprentice over the first three years.
  • Book Publishing Tax Credit (OBPTC) – Ontario
    Description: Tax credit for Ontario publishing companies to publish and promote works by a Canadian author.
    Terms/Assistance/Benefits: Up to $30,000 refundable tax credit per title.
  • Brownfields Financial Tax Incentive Program – Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing
    Description: Property tax assistance to encourage the cleanup and redevelopment of brownfield properties.
    Terms/Assistance/Benefits: Province may cancel all, or a proportion of the education property taxes of a property for up to three years.
  • Business Development Bank of Canada
    Description: A complementary government lender to fill out or complete services available from commercial financial institutions.
    Terms/Assistance/Benefits: Multiple financing solutions.
  • Canada Foundation for Innovation Funds
    Description: Funds R & D infrastructure costs in partnership with universities, colleges, research hospitals, and non-profit research institutions.
    Terms/Assistance/Benefits: Up to 40% of project costs.
  • Canada Small Business Financing Program – Industry Canada
    Description: Up to $250,000 to help finance a borrower’s fixed assets needs. Federal government will reimburse qualified lender’s or lessor’s losses in the event of default.
    Terms/Assistance/Benefits: Up to 90% of the cost of the asset at fixed or floating rate.
  • Canada Summer Jobs 2009
    Description: Contributions for employers to hire students during the summer.
    Terms/Assistance/Benefits: Up to 50% of provincial minimum wage per hour.
  • Canadian Commercial Corporation (CCC)
    Description: International contracting agency provides export-related assistance in military sales and Canadian commitments for international assistance.
    Terms/Assistance/Benefits: Various business solutions offered facilitating foreign government buyers access to Canadian export capabilities.
  • Canadian Youth Business Foundation Start-Up Financing Program
    Description: Mentoring, educational resources and start-up financing assistance to aspiring young entrepreneurs.
    Terms/Assistance/Benefits: Loan up to $15,000.
  • Commercialization Investment Funds Program – Ontario (OCIF)
    Description: Grants to leverage seed capital for spin-off technology companies created by faculty, staff or students of research institutes.
    Terms/Assistance/Benefits: Grants up to $225,000. Application deadline was January 1, 2007.
  • Communications Research Centre Canada – Industry Canada
    Description: Helps SMEs develop their potential through on-site technology incubation and technology transfer.
    Terms/Assistance/Benefits: Access to world-class facilities and support.
  • Computer Animation and Special Effects Tax Credit (OCASE) – Ontario
    Description: Ontario tax credits for computer animation and special effect activities in film or TV productions.
    Terms/Assistance/Benefits: 20% refundable tax credit for eligible labour expenditures.
  • Co-operative Education Tax Credit (CETC)
    Description: A refundable tax credit program for businesses hiring students enrolled in a recognized post-secondary co-operative education program.
    Terms/Assistance/Benefits: Provides a maximum tax credit of $1,000 for each qualifying co-operative education placement of an Ontario student.
  • Eastern Ontario Development Fund – Ministry of Economic Development New program added
    Description: An $80-million provincial government grant program to provide up to 15 per cent of the total eligible expenses for private sector companies to a maximum of $1.5 million per project; and 50 per cent for qualified economic development projects of agencies, associations and NGOs valued at $100,000 or more.
    Terms/Assistance/Benefits: Businesses must invest $500,000 or more in qualified projects that create at least 10 jobs over five years. Firms must be located in Eastern Ontario and currently employ at least 10 people. Sector focus includes manufacturing; processing; tourism; business services; cultural industries; technology and green technology development.
  • ecoEnergy for Renewable Heat
    Description: Financial assistance to increase the use of renewable thermal energy and develop capacity in the renewable thermal energy industry.
    Terms/Assistance/Benefits: Eligible industrial, commercial and institutional entities will receive 25% of the purchase, installation and certain other costs of a qualifying system.
  • ecoEnergy Retrofit (industry)
    Description: Incentive program to fund energy retrofits for SME industries.
    Terms/Assistance/Benefits: Eligible SMEs can receive 25 percent of project costs to a maximum of $50,000 per application and $250,000 per corporate entity.
  • Employer Signing Bonus
    Description: A $2,000 bonus for an employer who hires and registers an apprenticeship scholarship candidate as an apprentice.
    Terms/Assistance/Benefits: The candidate has to be a youth under 25 years of age who has left school and requires upgrading to meet the registration standards for apprenticeship training.
  • Export Development Canada
    Description: A crown corporation that offers financing, credit insurance and bonding solutions to Canadian exporters.
    Terms/Assistance/Benefits: Various financing and risk management programs.
  • Export Market Access – A Global Expansion Program New program added
    Description: A 50/50 cost-sharing grant to help Ontario SMEs cover costs incurred to develop export sales in foreign markets, predominately outside the US.
    Terms/Assistance/Benefits: Covering up to 50% of eligible costs incurred to develop export sales. Funding decisions will be made in 30 business days.
  • FEDNOR – Applied Research and Development Program
    Description: Repayable assistance for commercialization of intellectual property, product development, and productivity improvement in key sectors in Northern Ontario.
    Terms/Assistance/Benefits: Up to $500,000 (maximum 50% of eligible costs).
  • FEDNOR – Youth Internships – Private Sector Program
    Description: Supports full-time employment of recent graduates of post-secondary institutions up to 12 months in Northern Ontario.
    Terms/Assistance/Benefits: Maximum $27,500.
  • Film and Television Tax Credit (OFTTC) – Ontario
    Description: Ontario refundable tax credit for film and video productions.
    Terms/Assistance/Benefits: 20% of eligible labour expenditures.
  • Film or Video Production Services Tax Credit Program – Canada Revenue Agency
    Description: Federal refundable tax credit for foreign producers for labour expenditures rendered in Canada by Canadian residents.
    Terms/Assistance/Benefits: 16% of eligible labour expenditures.
  • Going Global Science and Technology (S & T) Program
    Description: Pays eligible expenses for Canadian researchers to meet with key R & D players in foreign countries.
    Terms/Assistance/Benefits: Pays a minimum of $8,000 of eligible expenses.
  • High Performance New Construction New program added
    Description: Financial assistance to promote the design and construction of high performance buildings.
    Terms/Assistance/Benefits: Incentives that offset the cost of energy efficiency measures, Lower long-term operating costs, improved marketability and Occupant comfort. Green buildings may also improve indoor air quality that will lead to better health and productivity.
  • Industrial Cooperation Program – Canadian International Development Agency
    Description: Government agency provides support for business projects in developing countries.
    Terms/Assistance/Benefits: Between $100,000 to $500,000 in financial support.
  • Industrial R & D Fellowships – Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada
    Description: Financial assistance for companies to hire recent doctoral graduates in science and engineering to conduct research and development in industries.
    Terms/Assistance/Benefits: Contributes $30,000 per year for two years towards the PhD research fellow’s salary.
  • Industrial Research Assistance Program – National Research Council Canada
    Description: Technical advisory services, networking and financial assistance to SMEs.
    Terms/Assistance/Benefits: Invests on a cost-shared basis.
  • Infrastructure Ontario – OSIFA Loan Program
    Description: Affordable, long-term, fixed-rate financing available to Ontario municipalities, universities, and other eligible broader public sector clients to build and renew public infrastructure.
    Terms/Assistance/Benefits: Different loan types and terms are available. All borrowers within each client sector have access to the same low interest rates.
  • Innovation Tax Credit (OITC) – Ontario
    Description: Refundable provincial tax credit on R & D expenditure claims.
    Terms/Assistance/Benefits: Up to 10% refundable tax credit, maximum claims $200,000.
  • Institutes of Health Research – Innovation and Industry Programs – Canada
    Description: Major federal health research funding agency for universities, hospitals and research institutes has research programs matching industry partner’s financial contributions.
    Terms/Assistance/Benefits: Co-funding on a project basis.
  • Interactive Digital Media Tax Credit – Ontario
    Description: Ontario refundable tax credit for labour, marketing and distribution expenditures for the creation of interactive digital media products.
    Terms/Assistance/Benefits: 20% of eligible expenditures; 30% for qualifying small corporations.
  • Internship Program with Innovative Small and Medium-sized Enterprises – National Research Council Canada
    Description: Financial assistance to innovative Canadian SMEs to hire post-secondary graduates.
    Terms/Assistance/Benefits: Internships assistance between six to twelve months and up to $15,000.
  • Job Connect – Ontario
    Description: Training subsidies for employers who train youths out of school, out of work, not currently in a training program.
    Terms/Assistance/Benefits: Training subsidies are available.
  • Loan Guarantee Program – Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources
    Description: Loan guarantees to forest industry’s lenders to support and leverage new capital investment projects in Northern or rural Ontario.
    Terms/Assistance/Benefits: Loan guarantee – minimum of $500,000.
  • MaRS – Business Mentorship and Entrepreneurship Program (BMEP)
    Description: A major Ontario Government commercialization initiative to meet the needs of high performance technology entrepreneurs. Services and resources are delivered through member organizations of the Ontario Commercialization Network (OCN).
    Terms/Assistance/Benefits: Skills training, management support, mentorship and networking.
  • MaRS Discovery District (MaRS)
    Description: World-class research and business incubation facilities in biomedical innovation and commercialization.
    Terms/Assistance/Benefits: Catalytic programs, risk capital, management resources, and mentoring.
  • New Exporters to Border States (NEBS)
    Description: A hands-on introduction course to the basics of exporting to the USA which includes visits to US Customs and a freight forwarder.
    Terms/Assistance/Benefits: Course fee is $150.
  • New Technology Tax Incentive (ONTTI) – Ontario
    Description: A 100% immediate write-off of the eligible cost of qualifying intellectual properties acquired in the course of an intellectual property transfer.
    Terms/Assistance/Benefits: 100% write-off.
  • Next Generation of Jobs Fund – Biopharmaceutical Investment Program – Ministry of Research and Innovation New program added
    Description: A five-year, $150-million strategy to encourage brand name pharmaceutical firms and advanced-stage human health biotech firms (e.g. vaccine manufacturers) to establish and grow their research and development and/or their advanced manufacturing investments in Ontario.
    Terms/Assistance/Benefits: Program will provide up to 20% of total eligible project costs. Applications with total eligible project costs of less than $5 million will not be considered.
  • Next Generation of Jobs Fund – Jobs & Investment Program – Ministry of Economic Development New program added
    Description: A five-year $1.15 billion strategy to support companies in business expansion /retention and attract foreign investment in green auto research, parts production and assembly; clean fuels research, development and commercialization; manufacturing, processing, environmental technologies; services (ICT & Financial), anchor investments to support cluster development; and opportunity based/ unique investments.
    Terms/Assistance/Benefits: The fund will provide up to 15% of the total eligible costs of an approved project. Eligible projects must meet thresholds of $25 million in investment or create /retain 100 jobs within five years.
  • NextGen Biofuels Fund – Sustainable Development Technology Canada
    Description: A $500 million fund to support establishment of first-of-kind commercial scale demonstration facilities for the production of next-generation renewable fuels (i.e. cellulosic ethanol or next-generation biodiesel) and co-products.
    Terms/Assistance/Benefits: Repayable support covering up to 40% of eligible project costs incurred over the course of the project period (capped at $200 million).
  • NOHFC – Enterprise North Job Creation Program
    Description: Repayable loans for projects that will bring new jobs and economic benefits to Northern Ontario.
    Terms/Assistance/Benefits: Loans up to $1 million.
  • NOHFC – Northern Energy Program
    Description: Financial assistance for small and medium-sized business for energy retrofit planning, energy retrofit projects and for projects that conserve energy.
    Terms/Assistance/Benefits: Funding in the form of conditional contributions and a supplement to any assistance received from the corresponding federal programs.
  • NOHFC – Northern Ontario Youth Internship and Co-op Program
    Description: A wage subsidy and an internship program for employers located in Northern Ontario to hire post-secondary students or graduates.
    Terms/Assistance/Benefits: $6/hr. for coop, and max. $27,500 for interns.
  • NOHFC – Private Sector Emerging Technology Program
    Description: Non-repayable or repayable contributions for research and technical projects in Northern Ontario.
    Terms/Assistance/Benefits: Loans up to 1 $million or $50,000 non-repayable contributions on a cost-shared basis.
  • Northern Pulp and Paper Electricity Transition Program – Ministry of Natural Resources
    Description: A $140 million transitional rebate program for northern pulp and paper companies to achieve electricity efficiency and sustainability.
    Terms/Assistance/Benefits: Effectively reduce the cost of electricity that the mills purchase by approximately 15 per cent over three years.
  • Ontario Biogas Systems Financial Assistance Program – Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs New program added
    Description: A $9-million provincial financial assistance program to promote sustainable biogas production for farmers and agri-food businesses to develop and build generating systems that produce clean energy, reduce electricity costs and contribute to local economies.
    Terms/Assistance/Benefits: Fund a maximum $400,000 for total feasibility and construction cost for each biogas system.
  • Ontario Business Research Institute Tax Credit (OBRITC)
    Description: A refundable tax credit program for qualifying corporations incurring qualified expenditures in respect of SR & ED under an eligible contract with an eligible ERI.
    Terms/Assistance/Benefits: Provides a corporation or an associated group of corporations a tax credit of up to $4 million.
  • Ontario Centres of Excellence – Investment Accelerator Fund Program
    Description: A major Ontario Government commercialization initiative to provide eligible technology-based start-ups with between $250,000 and $500,000 in seed capital to support technology development, market potential analysis, prototype development, early customer trials, promotion and patenting costs.
    Terms/Assistance/Benefits: Investments are generally made in the form of a convertible debenture (loan) in return for a nominal equity position.
  • Ontario Centres of Excellence Inc.
    Description: 6 sector-based centres and various programs to strengthen research linkages between academia and industry.
    Terms/Assistance/Benefits: Knowledge transfer, commercialization, training.
  • Ontario Community Futures Program – FedNor
    Description: Repayable federal supported in locally administered funds for community economic development.
    Terms/Assistance/Benefits: $150,000 repayable financing.
  • Ontario Current Cost Adjustment (OCCA): Pollution Control Equipment – Ontario Ministry of Revenue
    Description: Ontario provides an additional 30% tax deduction, over and above the regular depreciation allowance, for investments in pollution control equipment.
    Terms/Assistance/Benefits: 30% of first $20 million of capital cost.
  • Ontario Employer Health Tax Exemption – Ontario Ministry of Revenue
    Description: Eligible employers are exempt from paying EHT.
    Terms/Assistance/Benefits: First $400,000 of annual total remuneration.
  • Ontario Fuel Cell Innovation Program
    Description: Fund corporations/consortiums in the commercialization, manufacturing or pilot demonstration of fuel cells and related technologies.
    Terms/Assistance/Benefits: Maximum $500,000 per project.
  • Ontario Innovation Demonstration Fund
    Description: Non-interest bearing repayable or forgivable loans; royalty agreements and equity participation to help commercialize innovative technologies.
    Terms/Assistance/Benefits: Contributions up to $4 million.
  • Ontario Labour Market Partnerships
    Description: Ontario Labour Market Partnerships support partnerships among employers, employer/employee associations, and community organizations to address identified labour market issues.
    Terms/Assistance/Benefits: The program helps employers, employer/employee associations, and community organizations to develop and implement strategies to improve their ability to plan for their human resources needs.
  • Ontario Research Fund – Ontario Ministry of Research and Innovation
    Description: Supports the operational costs (direct and indirect) and the capital costs of research of Ontario’s research community.
    Terms/Assistance/Benefits: Matching funds towards projects granted by Canada Foundation for Innovation or the private sector.
  • Ontario Retail Sales Tax Exemption on R & D and Manufacturing Equipment – Ontario Ministry of Revenue
    Description: Exemption from the Ontario Retail Sales Tax Act for equipment used primarily in manufacturing exclusively for R & D, or in non-profit medical research facilities for medical research and investigation.
    Terms/Assistance/Benefits: Exempt from RST (8%).
  • Ontario Small Business Investment Tax Credit for Financial Institutions – Ontario Ministry of Revenue
    Description: Tax credit allows qualifying financial institutions to reduce their capital tax liability where they make certain types of investments in small business.
    Terms/Assistance/Benefits: Tax credit earned equals temporary surcharge plus 20% of its capital tax liability on adjusted taxable paid-up capital over $400 million.
  • Ontario Solar Thermal Heating Incentive (OSTHI) – Ontario Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure New program added
    Description: Financial assistance for Industrial, Commercial and Institutional (ICI) organizations to increase the use of renewable energy; and develop capacity in Ontario’s solar thermal industry.
    Terms/Assistance/Benefits: The Ontario Solar Thermal Heating Incentive (OSTHI) matches rebates provided by the federal ecoENERGY for Renewable Heat program. Each program provides rebates for up to 25 per cent of the cost of eligible solar hot water or solar air heating systems, to a maximum of $80,000.
  • Precarn Incorporated
    Description: Supports R & D in intelligent information and communications technology (iICT) leading to commercialization through a collaborative model.
    Terms/Assistance/Benefits: Project funding for leading-edge technologies and networking.
  • Production Services Tax Credit (OPSTC) – Ontario
    Description: Ontario refundable tax credit for qualifying labour expenditures for those productions that do not meet the Canadian content requirements.
    Terms/Assistance/Benefits: 18% refundable tax credit on labour expenditures.
  • Rural Economic Development (RED) Program
    Description: The Rural Economic Development Program invests in projects that support sustainable rural economies and community partnerships, under the priorities of health-care services, community revitalization and economic development, and skills enhancement.
    Terms/Assistance/Benefits: Projects are cost-shared, with the provincial government investing up to 50 per cent of the project’s eligible cost in most cases.
  • Scientific Research and Experimental Development Expenditures (SR & ED) – Ontario
    Description: A deduction in respect of Ontario research and development.
    Terms/Assistance/Benefits: An incentive for corporations undertaking SR & ED in Ontario.
  • Scientific Research and Experimental Development Tax Incentive Program – Canada Revenue Agency
    Description: The largest single source of federal support for industrial R & D. Investment tax credits for expenditures such as wages, materials, machinery, equipment, some overhead, and SR & ED contracts.
    Terms/Assistance/Benefits: 35% tax credit for first $2 million of expenditures, 20% on any excess amount.
  • SD Tech Fund – Sustainable Development Technology Canada New program added
    Description: A $550 million fund to support late-stage development and pre-commercial demonstration of clean technology solutions contributing to clean air, clean water and clean land, and addressing issues of climate change.
    Terms/Assistance/Benefits: Non-repayable funding by installments over the 4-6 milestone dates throughout the life of an eligible project.
  • SMART Program – Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters New program added
    Description: Financial assistance for manufacturing productivity improvement projects such as lean design and lean manufacturing, quality improvement, energy efficiency, IT best practices, and environmental impact reduction.
    Terms/Assistance/Benefits: Funding up to $50,000 or 50% of the eligible project costs, whichever is less.
  • Sound Recording Tax Credit (OSRTC) – Ontario
    Description: Ontario tax credit to support sound or music video recording activities.
    Terms/Assistance/Benefits: 20% refundable tax credit for eligible production and marketing expenditures.
  • Strategic Aerospace and Defence Initiative – Industry Canada
    Description: Firms, organizations or institutions may apply for investments assistance repayable over the long term in conducting R & D in eligible aerospace and defence technologies.
    Terms/Assistance/Benefits: Repayable contributions to 30 percent of a project’s total eligible costs.
  • Summer Jobs Service – Ontario
    Description: Wage support for employers hiring students for seasonal jobs during the summer.
    Terms/Assistance/Benefits: Wage support of $2/hr to 16 weeks.
  • Targeted Wage Subsidies Program – Ontario
    Description: Temporary wage subsidies to assist employers providing on-the-job experience and hiring individuals who face barriers in finding employment.
    Terms/Assistance/Benefits: Subsidy less than 60% of wages paid.
  • Technology Development Fund – Ontario Power Authority New program added
    Description: Financial assistance to support pre-commercial technologies or applications that have the potential to improve electricity supply, conservation or demand management.
    Terms/Assistance/Benefits: Maximum contribution by the OPA for any one project is $250,000.
  • The Workplace Skills Initiative – Human Resources and Social Development Canada New program added
    Description: Call for Proposals to fund demonstration projects which respond to challenges in Canadian workplaces relating to employee skills development and organizational changes.
    Terms/Assistance/Benefits: Funding up to a maximum of $3 million per year. Recipients and/or project partners must contribute at least 25% to eligible project costs.


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