An Entire Community That Is Filled With Apprehension Cannot Possibly Function Properly


The City of Woodstock has entered its’ third week of waiting for news on the disappearance of Victoria Stafford and it appears that no news is on the horizon aside from the odd media scrum presented by one of the parents and the odd news release from local police that really doesn’t tell anyone anything about the ongoing case of Victoria Stafford.
The rumour mills are working overtime these days on this one and there have been a hundred different scenarios presented to the public that have mostly been generated by the public themselves and have nothing to do with the police who remain tight lipped on the case…and for good reasons.(they certainly don’t want to give away anything that could jeopardize their investigation which seems to be focused on the Woodstock region itself)
To me it just seems improbable that a small child would drop off of the face of the planet, but you know, throughout history this has happened millions of times in the past and that is something that people tend to forget quite easily until the issue comes to roost on their own rooftops like the Tori Stafford case has done to the city of Woodstock. I don’t think anyone prepares themselves for this kind of action, but I am sure that many people have reconsidered sending their kids out to play on the streets since the little girls’ disappearance.
Yesterday I spoke to a group of Japanese businessmen who were astonished that this had happened in this small town.(small compared to where they were from.) They all expressed fear over the situtation and were concerned for their families. One man stated that he even instructed his wife and children to remain indoors until this is settled.(it may be years before she sees the outside again the way things are going here.) This may not be good for investment in our city.
So come on OPP and OCPS…get the ball rolling. This community needs closure on this matter, No matter what form it arrives in.



  1. penlan
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    Unless Tori’s whereabouts are known soon there will be no closure in the near future. It will take at least a year or so for people to begin to live “normal” lives again.

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  3. penlan
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