Daily Archives: April 30th, 2009

Mulroney Aide Has Perfect Memory…Depending What You Ask Him

MULRONEY AIDE REMEMBERS EVERYTHING…EXCEPT WHY HE WROTE THAT NOTE ASKING IF AIRBUS PLANES HAD BEEN DELIVERED. Brian Mulroney Aide Alfred Doucet has a remarkable memory when it comes down to details on what colour of shirt he wore to a dance in 1961 but the guy has no idea why he received $90,000.00 from Karlheinz […]

An Entire Community That Is Filled With Apprehension Cannot Possibly Function Properly

PARENTS ARE FILLED WITH APPREHENSION AS VICTORIA STAFFORD CASE DRAGS ON FOR THE THIRD WEEK The City of Woodstock has entered its’ third week of waiting for news on the disappearance of Victoria Stafford and it appears that no news is on the horizon aside from the odd media scrum presented by one of the […]