Oxford Police Offer $50,000.00 For Info On Victoria Stafford

Oxford community Police Services is now offering $50,000.00 for information that leads to the arrest of the abductor(s) of missing Victoria Stafford.
Constable Laurie Anne Maitland(Who is now known as the police spokeperson for OCPS on this matter) revealed to the media last night that OCPS are pulling out all the stops in an effort to retrieve the little girl that went missing three weeks ago after leaving her school just mere blocks from home. Since that point there have been zero sightings of the little girl and her suspected kidnapper and no physical evidence(that we are aware of) has surfaced.Police are still searching through local garbage dumps in an effort to find anything.
People are invited to contact OCPS with all relevant information on the case. Police have received more than 1500 tips from the public since the case began three weeks ago. The telephone number for the OCPS is 519-537-2323.

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    It’s interesting to hear the opinion of ex Detective Dave Perry who has 27 years experience with the Toronto Police.He says “The focus on the investigation is likely still a family dispute, not a random kidnapping, Perry said.” (London Free Press April 29,2009) A FAMILY DISPUTE!

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