Canadian Government Refuses To Buy Canadian Flags From Canadians…Opts For Chinese Imports Instead

Stephen Harper and his merry band of ex-CONS…now known as the CPC, have swung their support away from Canadian manufacturers in an effort to bolster the fortunes of a Chinese company that makes flags by purchasing nearly $225,000.00 worth of chinese made “Canadian” flags.
A local Canadian manufacturer of the same merchandise is pissed because the products he manufacturers could have created 8-10 jobs in his small plant and the lapel pins could have been bought for the same price from him instead, but the government decided that propping up some chinese companies were in order.(I guess they know where their votes come from)
Apparently the government awarded the contract to supply the lapel pins to a numbered company in Quebec that went on to import the pins straight from China circumventing all Canadian content. That company refused to discuss their sale of pins to the government.
The government issued a bulletin saying that the decision for the pins was made by the board of internal economy, directly blaming the house speaker for the decision, but the gift shop operator on parliament hill says that is a lie and that they buy only Canadian made Canadian souveniers. The lapel pins were destined for use by MP’s and ministers.
So really, what kind of a government do we have when even they(the government) refuse to buy our Canadian made goods? And what does that say to the people of our nation who are struggling to survive in this time of economic disaster?
Basically Harper and his merry band of ex-cons are saying….fuck ya all.

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  1. Anonymous
    Posted April 29, 2009 at 9:05 pm | Permalink

    So what? Ron Fraser and the entire Police Services Board have been saying FUCK YA ALL to all of Oxford for YEARS now and everyone just ignores it.

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