Last Fall Harper Hated Those Big Gala Events…Now He FundsThem

Stephen Harper, the big artsy gala for rich people hating Prime Minister has decided that he would love to jump on the fund anything bandwagon with your taxes and has decided to fund those big glitzy festival typed gala events that only rich people (like him and his CON party)can afford to attend. Harper has decided that he will throw millions of dollars into those temprorary work programs that he formerly hated but now he says they could be the saviour of our economy…big parties and galas and stuff.(Oh, I see, a new gala event in every pot)
After losing substantial votes last fall after beating the arts community over the head with an anvil while disparaging that entire community with his off the wall comments(while his wife was busy attending those same functions he was busy hating), Harper decided that as a result of his flagging fortunes in provinces like Ontario and Quebec that the only way to get a few more voters behind his brand of conservatism would be to stop acting like a Conservative and start spending like there is no tomorrow(for which there may not be for him if his caucus ever gets ahold of him)in the hopes that people will change their minds about him before Iggy comes and squishes him like a bug in the dirt.
The Stratford Festival will get more than $3million in government hand outs, while homeless people get to remain homeless and hungry. Nearly a million Canadian children live in poverty and here we are sending out cash to a bunch of idiots that want to put on a play for people that can frigging well afford to pay their own fat ass ways in the world.
The reason for that? Homeless people don’t vote or donate money to political parties, but those big artsy galas that attract fat wallets and complimentray sized asses to go with it, certainly do.
Maybe the homeless could eat the Stratford festival program guides for dinner?

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  1. Mike Barr
    Posted April 28, 2009 at 10:12 pm | Permalink

    Relax…any minute now Ron Fraser will be donating a portion of his salary to the less fortunate.

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