GM Shuts Down Its’ Pontiac And Saturn Divisions

General Motors after 83 years of production has called it quits on its’ Pontiac division of vehicles as a result of the deepening financial crisis that has swept the North American auto industry into the gutter.
GM also announced that it would close down its’ Saturn division , and that plans are underway to rid itself of the Hummer brand of vehicles as soon as abuyer becomes available. They also announced that they will let SAAB go after they restructure the parent company. It is hoped that the SAAB unit will remain viable and independent.
Pontiac drove GM sales throughout the 1960’s with its’ muscle cars such as the GTO, Firebird and Grand Am lines of vehicles but the parent company(GM)failed to re-invest in the brand and in later years Pontiac had only produced mediocre results for the company.
Frankly I don’t think that shedding these production units will make any difference to the long term outcome of GM and in fact may make it more difficult to turn the downward spiral around. The company has obviously lost its’ direction and most of its’ customers.


  1. WesternGrit
    Posted April 28, 2009 at 9:28 am | Permalink

    It’s about time. Most of Pontiac/Chev’s cars were the same platform/sheet metal, etc., with different badges. They were competing against each other (Sunbird/Cavalier; the vans; Aveo and the Pontiac version, etc.).

    They did NOT go far enough, however, in my opinion: Buick needs to be phased out (you already have one luxury division – Cadillac). And the biggest stupidity: Chev and GM trucks. They are EXACTLY the same with slightly different grills and available option packages. What a waste! Combine them into one GM truck. Maybe roll the Hummer H3 into the mix (to placate Hummer fans).

    It’s not going to help them win over buyers, but it will get them focused, and help save marketing dollars. Not to mention that very expensive grill/badge making machine… lol…

  2. Chris
    Posted April 29, 2009 at 1:21 am | Permalink

    I agree with Grit. they have been like that for years, with the exact same fabs for different named cars. What I don’t understand is the waste of money that they put into the OnStar project(and that’s not the conspiracy theorist in me talking either)they are giving it away for free in their new models now…and it is seldom people renew it.

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