Canadians Urged To Refrain from Travel To Mexico

A travel advisory has been issued for Canadians asking them to refrain from travel to that country as a result of the spread of the swine flu.
The Public Health Agency of Canada issued the alert after more than 152 people died in Mexico following infection from the swine flu. They are asking that any travel to Mexico that is non-essential be restricted until further notice.
They have also issued alerts asking people to wash their hands more frequently,(ewwwwww…as if anyone needs to be told that !)and to get a flu shot before travelling anywhere out of Canada.
In a seperate incident one Canadian woman was restricted entry back into Canada after becoming ill in Mexico with severe asthma. Despite her severe condition(which was unrelated to the flu)she was turned back at the border by immigration officals.
Israel and New Zealand have confirmed cases of the illness and the WHO is asking that people who are ill restrict their travel, but they are also cautioning against closing borders completely with Mexico.
All six Canadians that were infected have made complete recoveries according to the Public health Agency. Thise cases were restricted to BC and Nova Scotia. The agency says it is inevitable that some Candians may die as a result of the virus, but they also say that the numbers are low compared to the regular flu that goes around each year which kills hundreds of elderly Canadians a year.
US President Barack Obama recently spent a day with a Mexican Official touring Mexico. The next day that public official died of the flu. There is no word yet as to whether or not the US president had become infected by the virus.

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