Dear Mr. Milliken:

On or about September 29, 2008 (file # 1300-001-A08-6-E-14) I received a letter from Patricia Moise – Legal Counsel for Elections Canada, indicating that my complaint about Dave Mackenzie MP – Oxford. The letter indicated that the Commisioner would bring the matter to your attention in the HOC. As of yet I have had no contact from your office or the Board of Internal Inquiry regarding this matter.

To recap my complaint:

Dave Mackenzie did distribute ‘damaging and election style propoganda’ on six occaisions to each houshold in Oxford County during the period of May 2008, to September 2008. I sent samples of these ‘mailers’ to the commisioner of Elections Canada to show how they were NOT in any way a ‘newsletter’ or any similarity to the normal mailings sent by Mr. Mackenzie in the past, or in all the years the Mr. John Findlay was our MP. These pamphlets were part of a political ‘smear’ campaign by Mr. Mackenzie to discredit other Political Parties, and set up as if they were a ‘ballot’. Highly unusual and very suspect in the planning and execution of this type of ‘dirty politics’. 

My issue with these ‘flyers’ is that they included ‘free postage’ to the HOC Conservative Action Committee or something of that nature. This is a right and privilege that should only be used for contact to an MP from a constituent and not abused as a method of promoting the political agenda of a party or an MP in a pre-election blitz. 

After several calls and emails to Dave Mackenzie’s office, asking for an explanation of how these ‘flyers’ were paid for, and why is the taxpayer and Canada Post Corp. paying the postage? No responces from Dave Mackenzie led me to write to Elections Canada and several Liberal Party MP’s to attempt to get an answer as to how the printing, distribution and postage were paid for. 

IF these ‘flyers’ were paid for with taxpayers money out of the budget and costs allowed, and the postage was covered by taxpayers and the Canada Post Corp., then I would request a copy of the total expenses involved (detailed please). The rights and privileges in the matter of ‘householdrs’ or ’10 percenters’ being paid for by the Canadian taxpayers must not be allowed to come under this type of blatant abuse by MP’s. My motive is simply this: The money spent on this ‘smear campaign’ by Dave Mackenzie MUST be paid back out of pocket to the people of Canada, and an investigation to go forward into the financial affairs of Mr. Mackenzie and his offices, employees and detailed expenses. In my estimation, this would constitute fraud! In the private sector it would be ‘theft’ and would lead to termination of employment or criminal charges, and I expect no less treatment for all involved in this fiasco.

I do not know wether this comes under your responcibilities, however you were the point of contact from Elections Canada so I write to you in the hopes the matter will not slide under the radar. I have admired your tenacity in the HOC many times on television, and for having stood up to many wrongs over the past several years. Canada certainly needs more men of integrity in the highest positions. If this is not a matter for your interest, would you be able to direct me to the person/s I would need to correspond with.

I thank you for your indulgence and await your response. Have a great day!

Gerry Hipperson


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