And Another Health Care Waste Of Cash


 The folks who are in charge of digitizing Ontario and its’ health system have been accused of spending thousands upon thousands of tax dollars on their lunches.
 eHealth Ontario, an organization that is charged with the developement of an electronic health care database has reportedly spent more than $98,488.00 on light lunches and catered meals between October of 2008 and January of this year.During the same time frame the same agency also spent an additional $108,000.00 on travel expenses and another $18,300.00 for overnight stays at various hotels and motels across the province.
 The organization has been given a 7 year mandate to complete the reformation of the digital health system after the previous incarnation of this program , Smart Systems For Health(SSHA) failed miserably and burnt up more than $650 million of tax dollars without accomplishing anything. The Liberal government shut down the program after repeated calls for an internal audit of its’ finances fell on deaf government ears. Ostensibly this was done in order to prevent opposition members from latching on to the issue and raising hell.
 A spokesperson for eHealth Ontario says they are deserving and entitled to their lunches and motels. Besides, how else is one to get laid on the job if they don’t have access to a motel room and a good lunch afterwards?

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