North Koreans Launch Sattelite Successfully


  North Korea has announced(not like we didn’t already know what they were up to)that they have successfully launched a sattelite into space instead of buying food stocks for their starving population.
 In A wierd press release(Austin owers would be proud of you Kmmy!), the secretive communist dictator state told the world…“Unha-2, which was launched at the Tonghae Satellite Launching Ground in Hwadae County, North Hamgyong Province at 11:20 (0220 GMT) on April 5, accurately put Kwangmyongsong-2 into its orbit at 11:29:02, nine minutes and two seconds after its launch.

“The satellite is going round the earth along its elliptic orbit at the angle of inclination of 40.6 degrees at 490 km perigee and 1,426 km apogee. Its cycle is 104 minutes and 12 seconds.”
“Mounted on the satellite are necessary measuring devices and communications apparatuses.”
“The satellite is going round on its routine orbit.”
“It is sending to the earth the melodies of the immortal revolutionary paeans ‘Song of General Kim Il-sung’ and ‘Song of General Kim Jong-il’ and measured information at 470 MHz. By the use of the satellite the relay communications is now underway by UHF frequency band.”
Kim…Buy some food for your “thinning” ranks.

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