Overzealous Calagary Cops Surround Wrong Home And Take Down Wrong People


 A Calgary man can breathe a sigh of relief today after being arrested and then released in a high stakes keystone cops drama in Calgary on the weekend.
 Tim Andreas says he was just hanging out with some friends when his phone rang with a strange person on the other end who said, “come out of the house with your hands up, we have you surrounded”. Naturally, Tim not being in trouble with the law assumed that the person on the other end was not a cop and probably was one of his friends  so he hung the phone up until the phone rang again…about 20 seconds later. This time the person on the other end ordered him out of the house or there would be dire repercussions.
 Tim decided he should look out the window…where to his amazement were dozens of police peppered throughout the cul de sac he lives on armed with assault rifles and shotguns. (no tasers….just real bulletts)
 According to Calgary police services, the incident began after an incident involving an alleged abduction took place earlier in the day in another part of the city. Calgary police claimed that the home this guy was in was connected to the crime but realized they screwed up after.
 Well it’s a good thing that someone didn’t leave their kids at home alone…with instructions not to answer the door or phone, things could have been a lot worse than they were. Still the poor bugger was arrested, brought to his knees by the police in front of his neighbours and left embarrassed by a situation that he had absolutely nothing to do with.
It’s a good thing they left the tasers home.He’d be dead by now.

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