Daily Archives: March 29th, 2009

Is This The Time To Remove Ourselves From The United Nations and Its’ Religious-Politcally Driven Agenda

UN COMITTEE PASSES RESOLUTION MAKING IT A CRIME TO DISPARAGE ISLAM…THIS IS HARD TO SWALLOW http://www.unwatch.org/site/apps/nlnet/content2.aspx?c=bdKKISNqEmG&b=1285603&ct=6831061  This story is definitely deserving of a good read. All persons who feel that distaste for religion should not be considered RACISM should be concerned about where the UN is headed by its’ stupendous actions this week.   Canadian […]

Online Voting?

CANADA SHOULD USE ONLINE VOTING  I keep thinking that as time goes on and information technology gets better, that Canada should at least be looking at the idea of voting online in order to take democracy to the people of the country.   We can do many things online, like shop, order birth documents, SIN packages […]

Canadian Arab Federation Feels It Is Entitled To Your Tax Dollars

CANADIAN ARAB FEDERATION THINKS YOU AND I SHOULD PAY FOR WHAT?  This is probably one of the most ridiculous stories I have seen in a while so it deserves a punishing response.  The CAF has filed a law suit against the federal government(you and I)that demands their funding be returned to pre-Jason Kenney status after […]

Overzealous Calagary Cops Surround Wrong Home And Take Down Wrong People

CALGARY MAN “LUCKY TO BE ALIVE” AFTER FALSE ARREST  A Calgary man can breathe a sigh of relief today after being arrested and then released in a high stakes keystone cops drama in Calgary on the weekend.  Tim Andreas says he was just hanging out with some friends when his phone rang with a strange […]