hitting Back….A Submission


The above link takes you to Heart FM podcasts. Click on Nyp's Mar 25 entry.

Adam Nyp's response to requests to interview Tait and Sobeski is to do a hatchet job on both of them in an editorial. The spineless little cocksucker won't 
interview them on air. He won't allow them the same opportunity he offers Harding. Based on what I heard he didn't even write the editorial. It's got Harding written 
all over it. Both Heart FM and the Sentinel are working for Harding and against this community. Don't waste your time complaining to either of them. 
If a local business advertizes with these bastards call or email and tell them you're taking your business elsewhere. Tell them why. Be sure and mention Adam 
Nyp's name. 
Why would you continue to finance Harding's propaganda machine? It's time to start hitting back. It's all about advertizing and circulation/listeners. Start 
complaining and stop buying the paper and listening to Heart FM. God knows there are better papers to read and radio stations to listen to.


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