And Another Letter ON The Gallery….AW…

When I’m wrong, I’m wrong. I admit it. I’ve been posting about my opposition to renovating the Shoppers building and turning it into an art Gallery. It suddenly occurred to me that I am 100% dead wrong. I WANT Harding and his supporters on Council to pass this thing and get on with the renovation. It’s just what this community needs.
We need to get rid of Harding and Gerrie and Talbot and Lauder. I can’t think of a better way to do it than letting them carry on with this nightmare. Let ’em wear it right into the all candidates meetings before the next election. Let them explain to the public how the city came to buy this pile of crap and just who thought it could be turned into a Gallery. It’s not like the Sally Creek scam. Nobody even thinks about that one anymore. It’s a little tougher to forget about a four storey cock up in the middle of the main street. This thing is going to stand there as a reminder of what a bunch of jerks these four are for at least 35 years. Think about that. Ten or twenty years from now people will look at that building and snicker. If Harding wants to be remembered he’s on the right track.
As for the Advisory Committee and the Friends of the Gallery, I hope you get your Gallery. You deserve it. It’s going to be a bloody mess and the idea of you people being sentenced to 35 years in that building strikes me as a fair sentence. I don’t know why you’re supporting this and I don’t care anymore. I wish you success. Oh, and good luck squeazing any money out of council when that old hulk starts falling apart in four or five years. You won’t be dealing with the same bunch and you’ll be facing a hostile public. You may be getting a kick out of screwing this community but you’re screwing yourselves too.
It will be worth 8.3 million just to watch the fun.


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