And A few More People Who Are Not interested In An Art Gallery

 Amanda Wagner Force at 4:44pm March 16
That is ridiculous!!!So many Woodstonian’s going without even the basic needs of food and shelter and our city feels it acceptable to lavish the art gallery? The rich get the art gallery while the poor get death-I hope many call and raise hell for the foolish waste of money!
 Amanda Groff at 4:53pm March 16
I may not live there anymore but what the fuck is wrong with the art gallery the way it is? Even with a bad economy. They should pile the 8mill into resources for addictions, affordable housing, the womens shelter and a homeless shelter. They could do so much good with that money instead of squandering it on art. I may paint myself, but the money is needed elsewhere BADLY. Its worse everytime I visit.
 Shannon Doucette at 8:08pm March 16
I agree with you Amanda on where the money should be spent.

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