Ex-Chinese Citizens To Hold Ottawa Protest

A Rally to Support The More Than 50 Million Chinese PeopleWho Have Quit The Chinese Communist Party Since December

 Each day, tens of thousands people in China overcome their fear, as well as the severe internet blockage, send their wish to quit the Chinese Communist Party and its affiliated associations to an over sea website. Most people make up their mind to do this after they read a book called “Nine Commentaries on the Chinese Communist Party” originally published by the same website 5 years ago.  In China, people who spread this book could face interrogation, imprisonment and torture. But this movement has never been dampened; rather, it’s gaining momentum and changing China quickly in a seemingly quiet and peacefully way.


By now the total number of people who have quit the Chinese Communist Party and its affiliated organizations reached 51,136,5576, in a speed of 40-50 thousands daily increase.

A Rally will be held on the Hill this Saturday to support and to raise awareness of this significant movement to end the Communism in China.
 Time:            2:30 PM – 4:00 PM
 Date:             Saturday, March 14, 2008
 Place:           Parliament Hill

Contact:         Lei – 613-325-2675 c  
The trend of resignations makes one thing clear—communism in China is fast on the way out. But you wouldn’t know it by picking up the daily newspaper or by watching the evening news. That’s because this massive battle for freedom is not being fought by armed rebels in the streets. It’s being fought over the Internet, via fax, email, phone, and even messages written on banknotes, one person at a time, and in massive numbers.
Sent by Ottawa Quiting CCP Center , QuitCCP@gmail.com


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