And a response To A Story About The Mayor of Woodstock Ontario And His Economic Statement…Lol

This guy is loaded…

What a bunch of baloney.Did you attend the Stephen Harper School of of political bullcrap? Sure, it’s fine to pretend that everything is well and perhaps it may serve to dupe a few people to continue their uncontrolled credit card spending habits that created this stinking mess in the first place, but Mr Mayor Harding doesn’t have to worry too hard about where his next meal is coming from as he is on the public dole with his partial tax free mayoral earnings and he is guaranteed a job until 2010 whether he does a good job or a bad job. He is unaffected by this massive loss of jobs.He will continue to draw an impressive wage. If these companies continue spending the way they did last year and the year before that, they’d all be broke. Think about that Mr Harding. There’s no business to be had, the world has overproduced everything. Pony up to reality. This is a gigantic mess. Once we accept reality, then we can move on to a new way of thinking that doesn’t include vast credit resources assisted with massive stimulus measures driven by our very own tax dollars. Robbing Peter to pay Paul just don’t cut it these days. City Hall needs to cut its’ spending, residential tax rates need to be driven down back to the affordable, and start chopping those administrative wages at City Hall.There’s several of them on the Sunshine list that need to see a salary reduction. Start cutting overseas trips to reduce expenses. Not all business comes from Japan. Start investing in the small guys, and you might see a feasible return. Otherwise, all is the same as its’ ever been and how can you expect to get to another place when you continue to take the same darned road? Start thinking about the little people.

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