Woodstock Ontario….A Great City, With A Great Art Gallery…So Why Build A New One?


 Woodstock has a great Art Gallery. Not many people visit it, but it must be great in order to qualify for $8.3 million in tax dollars(plus one or two small donations)for a complete retrofit and move to a new or renovated facility in an area of the city frequented by crackheads, oxy pushers and crystal meth users.(oh yeah, that’s right next to city hall isn’t it?) Must be part of the downtown revitalization plans or something because why else would the esteemed council of Woodstock led by the not so honourable Mike Harding put Woodstocks’ prime and internationally known venue for the culturally significant in a place where you wouldn’t walk the streets if you were paid to be there? 
 The main issue that I find disturbing here is that WE DO NOT NEED A NEW ART GALLERY(many gallery members and board members have asserted that as well) and why on earth should we pay to store art that is federally owned anyways?(much of what is in storage is on loan from the feds’ art collection.)
 And another thing that kicks my arse is the fact that here in Woodstock people are living on the streets, people are struggling to eat one square meal a day, there is a lack of services for the disabled and the enabled cultured class of Michael Harding and his gallery friends and gallery political hack supporters(look at the back of his election flyers…part of Art Gallery Woodstocks’ board is there on the back selling this man as mayor) has decided to take from the mouths of the poor while stuffing their mouths’ full to capacity. We are in an economic crisis. Pissing away the money on a gallery that no one cares about is stunned.
 I don’t care where the money comes from. I do not care that Mr Harding says we already have it.(which is incorrect…the money is being diverted) I don’t think he quite understands the idea of taxation. The fact is, we cannot afford to squander money the way Mr Harding wishes to. These dollars might have come from another tier of government Mike, but they still came from the people. Take care of the poor and middle class first. Those people could care less about your art gallery. They cannot eat Florence Carlysle paintings. 
 Taking money from the poor to culturally enrich a few political supporters is a ripoff to every person in this community, and to every poor bastard that pays taxes. nothing more, and nothing less. The issue is pretty clear. People don’t want an art gallery, most people won’t go to an art gallery. The rich of Toronto will not be coming to the C.O.W. anytime soon to see the crumbling square store front art gallery beside the meth clinic. The’ll go to the galleries that seem to flourish in cities where there are people who can afford the entrance fees. Most people in Woodstock will not take time off of their BK and McD jobs to check out good ole Flo. 
 Too bad we can’t get those same people to vote, this mayor, and council would be toast.

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