$34 An Hour For A GM Worker? Holy Shit!


 A sickening revelation has just occurred to me; I’ve misinformed my kids. I feel as though I should have told them to become autoworkers..not anything important, just an expendable autoworker.
 I should have told them, don’t learn a skill or trade. Just get a grade 12 education and score a $34.00 an hour job at a car plant putting together big lego pieces for 20 years or maybe 25…then retire to a really good pension after earning $70,000.00 a year or more for most of your short working lives.
 What is the point of going to college or becoming a teacher or anything that has a facet of responsibility if you can earn more money in a car plant…assembling lego cars? 
 One person I spoke to recently(a gm subsidiary worker)said the reason for the high wages is because of the long term damage caused by working in a car plant. I said in return that people working the deep fryers at fast food restaurants have similar job related injuries…sometimes worse at which point that person said, I will “head butt anyone who says we don’t suffer at our jobs.” So that’s the end of the story.
 When I was young my mother always told me not to stare into the eye of the sun(okay, maybe that’s a little Springsteen like). I mean, if you know the thing is killing you, why do it? You must be a smoker.



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    I just love hearing from auto workers that insist on telling everyone how much they suffer. What a load of shit. Nobody is forcing them to work in auto plants. Slavery was outlawed long ago.

    They fought long and hard to get those jobs. We’ve all heard about the rigorous and highly competitive selection process they go through to get those jobs. These guys doing all the whining ad complaining are the winners.

    Fuck ’em.

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    Why stop bashing at auto workers, what about the miner, oil patch worker, professional athletes, CEOs etc. Alot of professions are over paid.

  3. Anonymous
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    Miners, oil patch workers and athletes are not whining and expecting the taxpayers to cover their pathetic asses. These CAW crybabies think they’re special. They actually think that if their employer can no longer afford to pay their ridiculous wages then everybody else should be required to pitch in so they can continue to live in the style to which they’ve become accustomed.

    Fuck ’em.

    ps: That $34 is just their hourly wage. It doesn’t include pension and benefits. They’re making a hell of a lot more than 70,000/yr.

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    Aw yeah, poor GM, all those helpless execs had their nice big company ruined by extortion at the hands of the floorworkers. Assholes.

    So, again Liblogs demonstrates for me that none of you anti-labour pricks is in anyway a liberal.

    I told the leader, I told the leader’s hack and I told my MPP (a fat little law and order hardon with taser envy) – no more money, and short of some serious asskissing and scapegoating, no votes from this card carrier.

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    Refreshing to see a Liberal admit that all it takes to buy his vote is a little ass kissing and scapegoating. 🙂

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    Unfortunaly this country was designed for oil consumption and the economy is driven by gas. ( like it or not it is a reality) Consumer demand drove the price of cars up. Of course the company profited. THAT IS WHAT IT IS SUPPOSED TO DO, so their workers in turn made more money. This is not a worker issue, it is a mismanagment problem. Of course they want their wages, would you like to build a life on your salary and then have it cut in half. Tell that to your dependent family.

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    This is sheer idiocy. You haven’t got the slightest clue. Consumer demand didn’t drive up the price of cars and the Big 3 sure as hell didn’t make money. THEY LOST MONEY! LOTS OF MONEY! Haven’t you been paying attention? That’s the problem. They’re fucking BROKE! The Big 3 have been losing money hand over fist for years while the CAW boys have been cashing in big time with six figure salary and benefit packages.

    Now the poor babies want me to pay them because they finally killed the goose that laid the golden egg? Fuck them and their dependant families. I didn’t see the CAW riding to the rescue when I had problems. I didn’t see the CAW riding to the rescue when we lost our textille and light manufacturing sector. The CAW didn’t care about those dependant families.

    Fuck them. And fuck you too. You’re an idiot.

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