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Some of the recent Publications of Prof. Olle Johansson 

Mobile phones: tomorrow will be too late 

Apparent decreases in Swedish public health indicators after 1997 

The Nordic Adaptation of Classification of Occupationally Related 
Disorders (Diseases and Symptoms) to ICD-10 

26/02/2009 – February 2009 – Science Update 

Cell Phones Risks 

Would You Hire EPRI To Investigate a Cancer Cluster? 

Mobile Phone Antennas on Water Towers 

Life Goes Wireless 

Are You Suffering From Radio Wave Sickness? 

Standard for EU lobbying transparency 

The People’s Initiative Foundation 

Judge orders demolition 

Judgement Extract District Court Carpentras France Residents Living Near 
Phone Mast Against Compagny Sfr 

Important Antenna Victory in Los Angeles 

Phone mast gets go ahead after council mistake 

Lexden planning cock-up angers residents 

Fears that stack may be used as phone mast 

O2 launches fresh bid to build phone mast on cinema’s roof 

Council’s short shrift for mobile phone mast 

Public meeting called over phone mast 

43 mobile phone antennas on Church properties 

Talks over mobile phone mast 

Drivers on cell phones kill thousands 

Tetra saving costing lives 

Maglev line for World Expo still on track 

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Next-up News Nr 845 

Next-up News Nr 847 

Next-up News Nr 848 

Next-up News Nr 849 

Next-up News Nr 850 

News from Mast Sanity 

Omega-News Collection 28. February 2009 


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