Be there to support councillors who do not support the art gallery

Today is March 1. Five days from now our predominantly feckless city council will be officially receiving a self serving piece of crap called a Feasibility Study. This study will clearly state that it is feasible for our council to blow up to ten million (or more) dollars on a new art gallery. The study will claim that there is overwhelming community support for the project without referencing any specific polls or studies to back up the claim. The only real polls done were a few years ago by Market Probe and they were posted on this blog. They clearly indicated that the community has NO interest in a new gallery or even additional space for art related functions. It will make more claims that are just that, claims. This document is nothing more than a bought and paid for license to facilitate council picking our pockets and paying off a few of their local art fancier chums.

Council paid sixty thousand dollars for this study. Do you think the authors wrote what they were told to write? This document is Council paying (with our money) for a document that reinforces a decision already made in the backrooms. 

The meeting is THURSDAY MARCH 5. BE THERE! 

A council chamber full of objectors will expose the lie of community support for this scam. Right now there are three councillors and the Mayor who support this. Let’s make it clear that those four have political careers that will be ending in less than two years.


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  1. Anonymous
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    This so called feasibility study was done by Lord Cultural Resources.

    Here’s some exerpts from their website…..

    “Lord Cultural Resources is a global professional practice dedicated to creating cultural capital worldwide.”
    “We collaborate with people and organizations to plan and manage cultural places, programs and resources that deliver excellence in the service of society.”

    What? Someone please explain exactly what “cultural capital” is. While you’re at it define “service to society.”

    This outfit is in the business of PROMOTING overblown cultural projects. This report is a PR job.

    They remind me of the “consultants” hired to promote the Sally Creek Golf Course.

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