Daily Archives: February 22nd, 2009

GM and Chrysler Restructuring Plans "Short on Specifics"…

ONTARIO ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT MINISTER HAS REALLY GOOD DRUGS,OR SOMETHING, HOW ELSE DO YOU EXPLAIN THIS?  Even though Chrysler and GM lacked sufficient details in their massive restructuring plans, Ontarios’ Economic Development Minister Michael Bryant says that he sees “positives” in the plans presented and that “Ontario is considering the request quite seriously” to hand out […]

The Dreaded Continuing Art Gallery Waste of Money and Fiasco

MAYOR AND COUNCIL PLAN HOW TO BLOW $4MILLION(OR MORE…WAY MORE POTENTIALLY) TO REPLACE AN EXISTING ART GALLERY  The City of Woodstock..errr, actually primarily the elected council(they seem to be the only folks that support this vast expenditure) has decided that even though they are facing the worst economic crisis in local and global history, that […]

Armed Robbery At Vansittart Macs’

HANDGUN USED IN FRIDAY EVENING WOODSTOCK ROBBERY  Police are hunting down the perpetrator of an armed robbery that occurred around 8:30 PM at a local business located at the junction of Highway 2 and highway 59 in the City of Woodstock.   The local OCPS state that a lone male, early to mid twenties with a […]