Poll Says Obama More Popular Than Harper


 I like my American neighbours, really, but I like them even better when they are still in America and not in Canada. Besides, I don’t like cheap TV spots, or flashy sound bites.  
 I read a story today in a national paper that bragged about how popular Obama is in comparison to Steven Harper and frankly I think to myself who cares and why should we care about how popular a foreign leader is compared to the guy that runs our country anyways? 
 I tend to think that people forget that Obama has not stated that he will withdraw the troops from anywhere and that they are getting all excited over nothing. In fact he says that he hopes he can prove they are winning over there and if they can do that stunned buggers like us will just follow him down the road again…to ruin and more dead soliders.
 I also tend to think that Obama is the head of the military, the CIA and all other arms of the government that exists in the USA, including the evil parts of which there are many.There are more than many evil parts…in fact, the whole damned thing is evil or corrupt.(That fish is rotting from the head down)
Considering that the CIA has murdered, maimed and made dissappear thousands of people worldwide throughout its’ nearly 100 year history I tend to believe that Obama as its’ head may be not too much different than the rest who have governed that country over the years. GW Bush was the former head of all that mattered.
 The man is the head of everything and is not reponsible for anything. He is fully indemnified from his actions while in office just as GW Bush was indemnified from his actions while in office.
 When GW Bush offered billions in bailouts to banks and automakers the people expressed major consternation, Obama has done the exact same with very little animosity. This might be a different man, but the plans remain the same.
 Yes, perhaps he is more popular than Madonna, but that doesn’t mean a thing. What matters is how the world will view him in 10 years from now or even in 4 years from now.  And from the way history has treated all past presidents, I imagine the people will want to kick his ass just like any past president.

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  1. Anonymous
    Posted February 19, 2009 at 12:54 pm | Permalink

    Obama is still too busy promising everything to actually deliver on any of the promises. He still thinks (wishes) he’s on the campaign trail. He’s a PR man. That’s really all he’s ever done. He has no particular track record as a legislator or as an administrator at anything other than the “community organizer” level.

    I thought Bush was the most ill prepared President America had ever elected. I might have been right at the time but I think Obama will prove to be worse.

    The only thing Obama has demonstrated any real aptitude for is promoting Obama.

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