Church Has Its Non-profit Status Revoked By Feds


 An Evangelical Christian Church that has been operating in the Hailton area for a number of years has finally had its’ not for profit status revoked after federal officals realized that they were using donor monies for Gucci bags and personal trips abroad.
 The regulator of federal charities stepped into investigate after allegations of wrongdoings were presented to the regulator by former members of the church. The regulator accused the church of mismanagement of funds, and using the charitable organizations money for personal gain or benefit.
 Most of the money earned by the church had been spent on lavish trips, clothes, vehicles and gym memberships by the churches’ pastor, Peter Rigo andhis wife Penny.
 This is nothing unusual. In fact, I would be willing to bet a years’ salary that if the government audited all charities and all churches that a substantial number of them would be found in violation of the act that regulates charities. This is just one more reason why religions should be stripped of their non-profit status as most of these churches operating under the guise of religion are just a front for lucrative income schemes that rob the poor to pay the rich and greedy pastors.

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