Links to the Auditor Generals’ Report

And this is where those wise stewards of government have spent your dough…..Don’t worry, be happy, it could be worse, we could be in Zimbabwe where they beat you, then take your money…all of it.(and perhaps your first born children as well)
The AG’s opening statement
Money sent to the provinces……
How the CRTC and CHRC are handled….(let’s add..not well in some opinions I’ve read about)
What the guv is doing to save Agriculture & Plants from certain(almost) DOOM!
A Bunch of stuff to do with CRA….And IT Management
Some Human Resources Issues…..
Oh, I like this one…The efficiency of services in Canadas’ Prisons
And a real shocker for the Health Sector…They Produced Some Bullshit Reports That No One Can Figure Out
Holy Smokes…And The Costs Of Auditing Crown Corporations???(Get a barf bag!)

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