Arts Network Seeks Money from Council


 A county organization that works with kids and art is hoping to raise awareness of art in Oxford…with some of your tax dollars. The Arts Network for Children and Youth has requested at least $45,000.00 this year from county council in order to help pay for their administration building, and perhaps add a program for the kids.( if there is any money left over after paying for their administration building.)

 Personally I look at it like this. We already have an existing art gallery in Woodstock. Of course this is a differnet art program they say but really how many other programs do we need to run in the area considering that kids these days are not dabbling in the arts so much as they are playing video games?

 I kind of look at it that it would be very easy to come up with a speech that says arts are on the move, and perhaps even generate a few stats that would “back” me up as well. I’m not saying, don’t take care of the arts, but I am saying, we are broke and perhaps this is the one time that we cannot afford all of these requests to county council as the monies that we have in the coffers(if there is any) may have to be used to pay our basic bills in the area when this recession hits hard.





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    The Arts Network for Children and Youth is NOT a county organization. They are a well funded (and hoping to be more so courtesy of our tax dollars)national organization.

    visit their website

    Pretty slick isn’t it? Anyone who thinks this will stop at $45,000 (per year!) is nuts. They will be back for regular increases. What is really outrageous is they will be direct competition for the Woodstock gallery’s youth programs.

    Someone please explain why it makes any sense for two taxpayer funded organizations to compete with one another over who gets to teach the kiddies to finger paint?

    All this amounts to is another arts hog that wants to vacuum cash from the public trough.

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    what a scam.(Much better than a ponzi though because the dumb bastards just hand the money over)

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