Daily Archives: February 1st, 2009

Tories To Attempt To Tackle Prison Drug Trade(Good Luck Fools)

I HOPE THE GOVERNMENT INTENDS ON SEARCHING THE GUARDS OF THOSE JAILS   Oh bully!  The Conservative government of Stephen Harper has decided to attempt to tackle the prison drug trade after failing miserably on the streets of Canada.(Oh there must be pounds and pounds of drugs ending up in jails eh?)  Harpers’ Conservatives announced a […]

A Thought For Today…Thanks Shery!

“No woman will ever be truly satisfied, because no Manwill ever have a chocolate penis,that ejaculates money.” Canadian News..Oxford county politics, International news and more. Major focus on Woodstock, Ontario politics.

And..One More Dead Soldier

HOW MANY MORE CANADIANS WILL DIE IN THIS WAR OF ATTRITION?  Another Canadian soldier has had his life snuffed out by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan after the vehicle he was travelling in ran over a roadside bomb in the western region of the Zhari district.  Sean David Greenfield was killed while taking part in […]

Salmonella Cases On The Rise…Again.

WATCH OUT FOR THOSE SALMONELLA PEANUT PRODUCTS!  The government of Canada has issued another warning regarding peanuts and products manufactured using peanuts in Canada.  I’m wondering, where are these peanuts grown? And how do peanuts become infected with salmonella?   On Friday the CFIA added to the growing list of tainted foods more than 30 peanut […]

Science Sector Left Out Of Budget Entirely

GENOME CANADA HAD FINANCED MANY CANADIAN RESEARCH INTIATIVES  Martin Godbout, CEO and President of Genome Canada says that for the first time in more than 9 years, they will not be able to continue many important studies and projects that were in the works as a result of the federal government slashing its’ budget entirely. […]

A Film Review…My Bloody Valentine..By Scotty Hardcore

MY BLOODY VALENTINE…REVIEWED BY SCOTTY HARDCORE This is the latest movie in the recent trend of horror film remakes, following Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Hills Have Eyes, and Halloween, and although they can never match up to the classic originals, they are enjoyable in their own ways, at least in my opinion.The movie begins in […]