Federal Conservatives Sitting On Nearly $8billion

The reason why I do not believe that any of this federal money is really going to go anywhere is because of the fact that the feds with Jim Flaherty in charge of the coffers have refused to release monies that were allocated to specific projects from the previous budget for 2008 and historically this government has been might stingy after making any announcments.( Just like the big Autism announcment that Tony Clement spewed forth in 2007 that announced a new program that would identify issues in Autism, but the program never came through…yada yada yada)
According to a Toronto Star report the feds have witheld nearly $8billion in previously announced funds that were never released to the projects that were destined for.
Like the Star story says this is a concern for municipal and provincial governments that have long complained that the Harper government despite its’ grand scheme announcements rarely release the funds that would fund those big annoucements.
Me, I’ll believe it when I see it and right now I will remain an armchair skeptic.
On another note, there is no doubt in my mind that Iggy refused the option of taking over the helm of the government with the coalition because who in the hell would want to take over this mess of shit as long as it is headed towards the big precipice? This might be the best thing to happen to the Liberal party in years. An inept Prime Minister combined with an equally inept finance minister should put those darned conservatives back where they belong; in the benches of opposition.(where they actually did an allright job compared to the job they are doing in leading the government.)
Another year of this and Canadians should be good and ready for a change in leadership, and Im sure by then Stephen Harper will want to find a way out of being the guy that drove Canada to its’ largest deficit in history.


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