Daily Archives: January 21st, 2009

Be Careful Around ATM’s In The Region

BE WARY OF ODD DEVICES NEAR ATM’S IN AREA  According to a police report, a Woodstock person noticed an odd black box hanging above an ATM in a local bank one evening and as well had her card read by an illegal card reading device that was mounted over the existing ATM terminal in the […]

C.O.W. To Pay More For Policing

CITY OF WOODSTOCK GETS STUCK WITH MASSIVE POLICING BILL  Oh this is great. The City of Woodstock(COW) is about to get stuck with a massive increase in policing costs after neighbouring municipalities dumped the local regional force, OCPS in favour of cheaper policing through the OPP.  At present Woodstock burns about  $7,054,000.00 a year enforcing […]

Obama Suspends Guatanomo Bay Military Tribunals

SUSPENSION OF TRIBUNAL NOT ENOUGH   I keep thinking that if Mr Obama really wanted to make a change that was noticeable around the world, what he should do instead of removing a few token terrorists from Gitmo, and stopping their trials he should really just turn the entire base back over to the Cubans who […]

Today Is The First day Of No Smoking In The Car With Kids

ONTARIO BANS SMOKING IN CARS WITH MINORS PRESENT  Starting this morning, Ontario drivers will face fines of $250.00 if they are caught smoking in a vehicle containing people under the age of 18.   Ontario is the second province in Canada to make the move to smoke free transportation for kids, Nova Scotia was the first. […]