Will Ottawa Reinstate Worker Action Centres?


 There are hundreds of thousands of men and women laid off from their manufacturing jobs in Ontario and across the country and I am wondering why the governments of Ontario and Canada have not announced the opening of any workers’ action  centres to deal with the crisis before them?
 Workers Action Centres do have several good things that can help people get past this traumatic time in our history.
 Workers Action Centres could retrain people to do other jobs more effectively than a CEC program could as the people at the action centres are more in tune with what is going on in the local region. As well, a Workers’ Action Centre could assist people with the re-writing of resumes and in the matter of how to handle ones’ self during an interview.
 A Workers Action Centre is a support system for those laid off people, whether it be moral support or other. Many workers have been employed in their jobs since they were teenagers and many of those persons do not have the skills needed to compete in the new economy. A workers Action Centre could do the job of retraining in WHIMIS or forklift operating and could help to facilitate a swift return to the workforce.
 C’mon Ottawa and Toronto…get on with the program and lets’ help these men and women restart their careers!

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