Wanted, People To help With Building and Designing a Local Solution


 Woodstock and Oxford County is a great place but there are a few things that we as a community need to do here in order to make it a better place for everyone. 
 One thing that I am familiar with is the lack of respite services for families who suffer the tragedy of a disabled person in their home. My family is one of those and this is a major concern for me and others like us. 
 At this point in the city of Woodstock alone there are more than 200 families eligible to access respite services but  many are unable to obtain them for several reasons. The predominant reason is that despite the growing unemployment issue there are still no persons who want jobs working with disabled kids even though those jobs can pay up to $15.oo an hour in many cases, mine included. There are very few criteria for people who wish to work as respite care workers other than being criminal record free and perhaps having your own transportation.(the VON will pay your mileage as well)  
 The City of Woodstock has no drop off facility for disabled kids. Most parents rely upon the VON to provide respite care when they are able to but like I said there is a tremendous wait list for spots.  
 One thing that I keep coming back to is this idea that we should have a perment drop in centre in our community. This would facilitate breaks for families, as well as providing an emergency care centre for important issues. This would provide for safe respite compared to the system that we presently employ that requires that a parent places blind trust in unknown individuals who pick up your child for respite care.
 Most parents would be loathe to send their non-verbal or challenged child off with some unknown person.I know that I am, but at present there are no other choices other than that. A permanent place for respite care would offer stability and familiarity to the child and their parents.
 So, if anyone out there wants to get onside with me on this I’ll ask that you write me, or call me, and if you have any suggestions on anything let me know.
 Any builders or companies looking for a moral boost should call as well. We will even be able to get you a tax receipt for anything you donate whether it be your time or your materials. And the best thing is you will really be doing the community and a lot of people a favour by particpating in this project. Come on Woodstock, we have the ability to take care of our community members like no other community. If we can spend millions on an art gallery, we can certainly afford a place for people who really need it.
Call me!
519-537-8144(if Im not there, leave a message)


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