John Tory Twists Arrm Of Haliburton MPP Laurie Scott


 John Tory has finally found himself a “safe” seat to run in after twisting the arm of a Haliburton MPP, forcing her to resign her seat so he could run in a safe riding where the fight would be limited.
 Tory who lost his own seat in 2007 as a result of being silly (yeah, silly)has been scouting for the past 1 1/2 years for aplace to hang his shingle, but no MPP’s would resign a seat for him after he drove his party into the political gutters.
 MPP Laurie Scott will vacate her seat when she steps down later on today to clear way for Big John to try and make a comeback. 
 It’s believed that Tory will make her a policy wonk or something, And  she gets a years salary for stepping down. There’s no news on who will pay that years salary…
  Personally, John should have quit, and let someone else take the job. He’s washed up and has spent all of his political nickels.

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