Daily Archives: January 9th, 2009

No Fault Insurance…What A Scam

NO FAULT INSURANCE…DEFINITELY BULLSHIT But Guaranteed, the Insurance Companies are making Money..tons of it.   I’ve come to the conclusion after months of arguing with my insurer, Economical,(the name is a joke…it is not economical to buy their insurance) that no fault insurance is a scam that is setup to enrich insurance companies without taking care […]

John Tory Twists Arrm Of Haliburton MPP Laurie Scott

TORY FORCES OUT HALIBURTON MPP  John Tory has finally found himself a “safe” seat to run in after twisting the arm of a Haliburton MPP, forcing her to resign her seat so he could run in a safe riding where the fight would be limited.  Tory who lost his own seat in 2007 as a […]