Israel Targets Hamas..Hundreds of dead Include Children.


 Israel has launched a huge pile of air-raids against Hamas in the Gaza strip after Hamas returned to their position of blowing up Israeli targets last week after dumping a negotiated cease fire that had been in effect for the past 6 months.
 This morning Hamas claims that at least 600 were seriously injured in yesterdays’ raids by the Israeli Air Force and at least another 260 were killed including women and children. 
 Egypt has requested a meeting with Israels’ Ambassador in order to voice their objections and demand a ceasefire but Israels’ ambassador refuses to meet with the Egyptian leadership. Egypt has helicopters and air ambulances waiting at the border as well as 50 land ambulances waiting at the popular Rafah crossing into Egypt but hamas is now refusing to let the injured leave the Gaza strip due to dangerous conditions.
 According to the Israeli press, the Israeli leadership intends on toppling the elected Hamas government and will use ground troops if required to do so. 
 The Israeli government is under pressure to react to Hamas as they are entering an elction year and the right wing likud party appears poised to seize control after upcoming elections. The air strikes are intended to gain support for the government party or so it would appear to me.  

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  1. Fred
    Posted December 28, 2008 at 3:17 pm | Permalink


    hmmmm seems somebody has no idea of history.

    1967 war ?

    Yom Kippur ?

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