Why The CPC Continues To Win In Oxford Is Beyond Me

I swear, these guys are just too much for me. I mean that after a couple of years of Stephen Harper and his crew of MP’s being in charge of the country it isn’t hard to see that Canada is taking a shit kicking from these guys and that our country is falling deeper and deeper into recession as a result of the gross mismanagment of the countrys’ coffers.(this according to kevin Page, Parliamentary budget officer)
In the past several years Canadas’ government has committed to numerous rounds of ideologically driven tax cuts to big businesses that are obviously now failing to generate any jobs in the short or long term. The government then decided to cut the GST in another ideologically driven manner that has now affected the governments’ ability to pay its’ own bills and now leaves the government scrambling to make up revenues on the fly by perhaps selling off government owned properties in an effort to inject short term cash into the governments’ coffers.
While Canadian families continue to suffer the consequences of high taxation under the hands of the government, that same government then took its'(our) money to Alberta in the form of massive tax cuts to the oil industry, which the average Canadian gets to pay for.
While Harper touts his tough approach on the economy without actually doing anything, Canadians continue to suffer the upheavals in a system that is not designed to benefit average Canadians, but is designed to empower corporate Canada and alleviate families of their hard earned money as the government continues to transfer money to private business in order to prop up their profits in the form of bailouts and tax credits.
Yesterday The Royal Bank of Canada announced that its’ fourth quarter PROFITS have risen to $560 million. I’m wondering how much of that “profit” can be attributed to the massive injection of tax dollars our CONServative govenrment handed out to them?

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