Dear Parliament of Canada….Wake Up and Get To Work!

Perhaps Now Is An Appropriate Time To Consider The Legalization and Full Taxation Of Marijuana
There really isn’t a heck of a lot to say on this matter anymore aside from the fact that our federal government could do some smart thinking and re-consider the outright legalization of marijuana as a way to bolster our economy during what may be the worst economic downturn in global history.
When we look at the statistics that have been discussed in the past in senate comittee hearings and consultations, the potential for billions in tax savings due to reduced enforcement measures come into play, and then the potential tax revenues that could be reaped stand out as a way to stabilize the governments’ coffers without introducing higher rates for existing taxes such as GST or personal income taxes.
The new American adminstration may see this as a bright way to finance new measures that they are considering as well, without impacting present budgetary expenditures. In other words, a Democrat controlled Whitehouse could certainly change the way in which the prohibition is presently enforced.
So guys, girls, and whoever else is out there, I’m not sure exactly why it is that this silly thing continues on, but I do know that it is an utter and complete waste of time attempting to enforce the prohibition of marijuana and the costs are astronomical in comparison to the benefits.
and ps…if you’re short on ideas on how to make this work…give me a call, I’d be glad to help you…and it might just solve that pesky problem of transfer payments you guys are always whining about.


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