Cabinets’ Big Overhaul?Yeah Right!

So it’s been a couple of weeks since Canadas’ big election day that changed nothing for Canadians(excepting the fact we just pissed $300 million or so into the air…I guess that counts for some change) and I’m wondering when will the Harperites begin their stupid post election ads? I can hardly wait to see what good old Harpo and his gang of thugs has in store for anyone who opposes their ideological position and for those who may run for the leadership of the Liberal party.
Politics is a filthy lying obstructive game, and perhaps it should come with a warning that it’s not for minors lest they be damaged beyond all recognition by the mountain of bullshit that comes from our politicians lips.
In the run up to Canadas’ election we were bombarded with useless information that was put out just to confuse voters. Members of the governing CONservatives spent their time telling Canadians how we were an island of stability not subject to the US mortgage market meltdowns, but alas, here we are, watching our supposedly frugal finance minister hand out billions of dollars to banks that historically have made billions on top of billions in profits. These banks have been subjected to ignorantly low taxation rates, and now that they’ve lost a wee bit of cash one year, they come knocking on Jim Flahertys’ door where they know they will receive a welcome reception and a few billion dollars to boot.
It’s funny how things can change so dramatically in a week or two. But I guess that when you are no longer running for office,and you’ve been re-elected you can stop the lying and get on with the pilfering of our economy.
Handing out money to these banks is nothing short of wealth redistribution…from the working poor, to the filthy rich. Lower income families in Canada pay the brunt of the operational costs of our country through taxation. Now lower and middle income families in canada are paying billions to the banks so they may earn billions more in profits next year.(mostly on the backs of the working poor) And you can bet that when this recession is all over, the banks won’t be extending any deals to those poor Canadians that just got done footing the bill for those banks to continue existing.
Those banks should have been forced to cut their bonuses first, cut the wages of their excecutives second, and thirdly any bank that posted a profit last year should have been forced to use those profits this year to sustain their businesses instead of begging the government for tax dollars.
A few Canadians elected the status quo, and this is what we’ve gotten.

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  1. Anonymous
    Posted October 30, 2008 at 6:32 pm | Permalink

    What ideological position? If you stop listening to what they say and watch what they do they have no ideology save hanging on to power.

    This is not a conservative government despite their appropriation of the name Conservative.

    Canada’s New onservative Government …the “c” is so small you can’t see it.

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