Citizens Invited To Vote On-line On Future Of NAFTA

The Centre for the Study of Democracy is inviting persons from both sides of the Canada-US border to participate in a renewed debate/general discussion on the future of the NAFTA agreement.
During the recent US primaries, both senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama stated that NAFTA wasn’t beneficial to the USA under its’ current structure and that they would both be interested in assessing its’ long term value in consideration of the economic climate in the USA.
Considering NAFTA may be abrogated by the USA there has been a strong interest in debating the merits of the deal in preparation of that possibility.
People of both Canada and the USA are invited to go to and fill out the online questionairre.
The results will be made public on Friday, October 24, after members of the Queen’s Debating Union re-enact portions of the 1988 free trade debates and a panel of experts for and against NAFTA debate its’ future, at a symposium honouring former Prime Minister John Turner the 17th Prime Minister of Canada.(you remember John…don’t you?)
The results of the online poll will be released after the re-enacted debate.

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