Daily Archives: October 17th, 2008

WalMart Closes Recently Unionized shop

GATINEAU TIRE SHOP OWNED BY WALMART SUDDENLY CLOSES DOORS AFTER SUCCESSFUL UNIONIZATION VOTE Customers were left standing outside of a Walmart tire shop empty handed in Gatineau, Quebec after Walmart company officials from Arkansas closed the shop in reponse to the unionization of its’ workforce. The Arkansas-based retailer is blaming increased operating costs in relation […]

Severance For De-elected MP’S?

WHAT THE HELL…THEY LOST A PUBLIC ELECTION, BUT THEY STILL GET A SEVERANCE PACKAGE? So I’m reading a story about how one Conservative MP Rahim Jaffer(the first conservative muslim elected MP who was supported by Ezra Levant in his election) who was turfed from his elected position in Edmonton Strathcona by a newly elected MP […]