Oh Canada, Just Where Do We Go From Here?

No doubt about it, tomorrow someone will be happy to have won their slim minority, but for Canadians that have been waiting for changes to come to our country the wait will continue, and for the Prime Minister his wait for a majority will become his death watch…and the CPC will undoubtedly move to replace the leader who could not secure a real government for them.
Stephen Harper called this election to secure a majority government in order to pursue his agenda of right wing governance and whatever else could potentially come with that. For the duration of the summer parliamentary recess Harper claimed that parliament had now become “unworkable” and that he had serious concerns that parliament would not be able to operate at all.
He claimed that the Liberal opposition refused to work with him on numerous items, but that was actually a lie. In fact, all of the CONservative bills that had been placed on the table had passed with very little opposition. Harper was able to govern as though he had a majority…even if he only had a minority.
The stress on Harper has been clearly visible for the past week or so. What should have been a ‘shoe-in’ has turned into a political fight for his life. After three kicks at the can Harper has clearly worn on the ranks of the CPC, and the party itself will have a large amount of soul searching to do after it becomes clear that they just wasted hundreds of millions of tax dollars on NOTHING.
How can the CPC continue to claim they are doing the right things for the country when this election has been all about the wrong things, like just winning a majority? That will be for them to explain to the elctorate that warily will send them back to Ottawa…a few MP’s short.
C’mon Canada…it’s time for a coalition government of people that WANTS to govern for the benefit of all Canadians. We have a great opportunity ahead of us to see a massive change in the way we are governed. Let’s not squander it,let’s use it to our fullest advantage.

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  1. Anonymous
    Posted October 13, 2008 at 12:14 pm | Permalink

    I don’t see the current bunch forming a coalition. The parliamentary system of government is all about conflict not cooperation or consensus.

    Our system of governance is symbolically based on a civil war. The government and opposition are separated by a distance of two sword lengths. The fact the MPs who are not members of the winning bunch form the “opposition” says it all.

    We’re in for a parliament that will resemble a bunch of spoiled kids fighting over toys in a sandbox. We can only hope it will be short lived for the sake of the economy and our standing in the world community (whatever that is).


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