Harpers’ Position Is Difficult To Swallow

This campaign has been an interesting assault on common sense that behooves most Canadians, and we can easily asses who is to blame.
After listening to the Prime Minister tell Canadians that nothing is wrong one day, and the next day we’re on our way into the pits of hell it’s hard not to wonder if the whole thing is a lie that is being perpetuated in the name of gaining electoral ground in the final countdown to election day.
I don’t think anyone has a clear and concise plan for dealing with this volatile situation and regardless of what ‘action’ any new government may take it will have little effect on the outcome of what some observers say is a recession on the horizon.
The fact is, the government has little control over the markets, but does have a role to play in developing decent regulations and fostering an atmosphere that is conducive to providing good conditions to the markets that ultimately will determine how the markets themselves perform in our country.
No matter who we elect this coming week, whether it be Dion, Harper or Layton to steer the country, the fact remains that any one of them will be in for one hell of a ride, and perhaps all three of them are secretly hoping to lose in order to make the ‘winner’ take the heat for the crisis we are facing.
All I know is I am sure glad I am not sitting in any of their seats this month!

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