They Came, I Went, I Left

So I survived the debate err speech thing still not any brighter than when I went in. In general the excitement was minimal, and there was a good crowd(as good as anything I’d ever seen while up there in the past)and the mood quite sombre…perhaps indicative of our economic condition these days.
Several questions were asked of the candidates courtesy of the local Sentinel-Review and the local radio station The Heart FM.
I really don’t think anyone actually answered anything properly, although I do believe that some were better rehearsed than others.
Most candidates were forced to look through their binders in order to answer the questions that were in front of them…and to me that means that they are about as uninformed as half of the voting population in our country and no wonder we are in such a quagmire nationally!
Several questions were asked from the highly partisan crowd about culture funding, a prospective Canadian Department of Peace,the environment,youth crime and the answers offered by the candidates ranged from the mundane to the preposterous to the unachievable.
One individual(a retired police officer)outright called the CONservative incumbent Dave Mackenzie a liar for making a promise to him for a meeting but then the MP just sloughed him off.(in a very typical nonchalant conservative manner). The MP for Oxford refused to address that persons concerns repeatedly in the riding and through the conservative party riding association (for which he is a member…but probably not for long, i’m sure they will expel him after that.) Tomorrow I will update this site with a copy of a letter to Mr Mackenzie that cites details about this one…it’s interesting enough.
Otherwise…might as well toss a coin up in the air and hope to hell it lands somewhere, anywhere, but not in Stephen Harpers’ lap.


  1. Anonymous
    Posted October 9, 2008 at 2:52 am | Permalink

    “might as well toss a coin up in the air and hope to hell it lands somewhere”

    You just described the platforms of the major parties. 🙂

    What a pathetic mess. I still think we’d all be better off if we picked our MPs at random from the phone book.

  2. Anonymous
    Posted October 9, 2008 at 10:25 am | Permalink

    lol! probably right about that one!

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