Harper Barely Treading Water In Several Provinces

The seas are rough and the unsinkable ship Tory seems poised for capsizing after taking on a hold full of lead in the form of a stagnating international economy and a frightened Canadian public.
The leaders’ debates certainly had an impact on a prime minister who usually seemed prepared to take on anything that has been tossed at him for the past few years. Throughout the debates he seemed to lack the ability to deflect criticism and coherently punch back and the majority of punches landed squarely on his lap.
It’s a different world when you are forced to defend your positions versus that of attacking the governments’ positions. Im sure he found this battle more difficult than sitting in oppostion.
I think Mr Harper just realized that the national media cannot be scripted the way he scripts his press secretary or the way he handles his cabinet and MP’s, hence the volumes of negative publicity that have been afforded this PM and his campaign…
Recent polls have shown that the federal CONS , (if lucky) will make it back in to run another minority government…and then at that point Canadians must ask themselves…just what was all the fuss over and why did this have to cost us hundreds of millions of dollars just so you guys could have the same job back? and when will the next election be now that we all know that the fixed election date thing was just another scam to make you look like you have some integrity when really you have very little electoral integrity.
Perhaps Mr Harper would be better suited in oppostion…at least he appeared to connect with Canadians back then in some small c way…or at least we weren’t as fearful of him.

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  1. Anonymous
    Posted October 9, 2008 at 2:43 pm | Permalink

    Heck man, by Monday he’ll have sold the great lakes basin, which subsequently will be drained of water and moved into the US midwest which is suffering drought, and voila the head of Harper will rise again.

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