All Candidates Meeting…7Pm Tonite…Goff Community Complex

Although I think I could probably make much better use of the time, I feel it is necesary to at least go and listen to what these people have to say…even if everything is mostly a lie. At least I will be able to complain about having participated in the process and still left feeling utterly screwed afterwards…but with some degree of honesty I will be able to state my case.
So, just what do we think these people will say tonite?
I suppose Dave mackenzie the CONservative guy will reiterate his parties’ position(not sure if its’ his position as he seems speechless….until elction time…even then he’s somewhat muted by his boss…or is that a lot muted?)
Martha will undoubtedly do well in town here being a local person of some influence.(mostly through her connnections/employment at the Chamber of Commerce. The only thing is…will she be able to pull off that speech without frigging it up? Hopefully she’s not turning into another Alex Krieger…..on and on and on without focus.
Dianne Abbott…well, is Dianne. She’s pretty spunky and bright. Let’s not lose it on who is the best leader. Focus on who is the best person for the job. She can speak, could debate very well if it were a courtroom debate not a speech, but unfortunately…it’s a speech.
Cathy Mott is a veritable bastion of goodness and beliefs when it comes down to her love of everything green. She is bright and energetic, but once again, loses her focus and seems to wander off. She would be a great mascot bearer for the green party or even a mascot!Unfortunately for her, she will still be working at her job after this election.
The CHP guy is the CHP guy. What can you say about a guy that looks to god for his guidance and joins a party that thinks they only have to be accountable to the flying spaghetti monster? It was nice to see you. Hope you don’t get in! Say hi to Leonard..the baby guy, oh yeah, and John, the guy that uses bits and pieces of the his advantage.
Otherwise….in a wee bit of time we’ll all be sitting there slack jawed from boredom, listening to the nonsensical droning of little machines on stage.
At least I can say…I’ll be informed!

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