Ahh, The Leaders’ Debates And The Junk Mail That Comes With It


I’m really starting to think that I am Bill Murray in Ground Hog Day.(This is one of the only movies that I did not sleep through besides Fiddler on the Roof about 40 years ago…my parents said I cried all the way through the whole film)
I mean what the heck, every day I pop open an email and heres’one party or another claiming they’ve won the debates, or that they’ve triumphed or that a “star is born” in Emay(not to be confused with emo)or that everyone else has lost except for the people sending the bloody email!
I just do not comprehend it all. Somebody has got to be lying about this and I’m really not quite sure who…just one of them? Two of them? Or all of them?
The debate was about as exciting as sitting through a 90 minute molar extraction without benefit of anaesthetic.(really, get the laughing gas, it’s worth the 80 bucks just to avoid another one of these “debates”!)
Nope, watching the whole mess of a thing just soldified in my mind that if the CONservative PM Harper cannot look his opponents in the eye, he must not be telling the whole truth.(if any)And perhaps that could be said for all of them.
Gilles Duceppe had it right(and with a startling degree of honesty) when he said that three of you plus me will never be Prime Minister. No doubt he was not lying.
So of course at least all of them were lying about our prospects as a nation that is sovereign and free, the economy, unemployment and a broad range of issues.
One contestant for the price is right(the pm’s government) has a particular hate on for Ontario. Another has never been here, one forgot that Ontario existed, another wants to turn off the power,one wants to invoke the higher power, and it goes on and on like an everready battery.
So just who in the heck is telling the truth? And does it even matter, because when they get into office, they just break those promises anyways…citing numerous reasons for doing so. Even the god invoking fundies(no, not the edible ones)wouls tell you that they won’t be accountable to you or me, but to jehovah only as jehovah is omnipotent in all matters.
Frankly, I did not see any ‘winners’, but I did see a nation of people look away in disgust, knowing that most of what we were hearing, was stuff our parents told us to be ashamed of…lies, lying and distortion of the truth.
And remember to be sorry for Canada that we should be governed by such capricious fools.

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